Benefits for the asylum seekers

Benefits for the asylum seekers

Preparation for interview has proved of significant assistance to applicants. For many, trauma and nervousness, extended periods of living in poor living conditions and lack of understanding of the process can lead to errors and misunderstandings resulting in unjust decisions – for and against – persons seeking asylum.

The role of A.Ss.I.S.T. Advisors and Interpreters is

a) to provide support to the client in his/her understanding of the purpose of the interview;

b) to clarify confusions or misunderstandings that may arise during information sessions and preparation;

c) to ensure that key points and problems identified during pre-interview are raised so that they can be duly recorded in the actual interview transcript;

d) to clarify the rights and responsibilities of the asylum seeker throughout the process and during the interview;

Preparation for interview by A.Ss.I.S.T. Advisors (all qualified lawyers) will provide a greater understanding of the overall process and the purpose of key interviews. This service provides support and foster confidence in the client as appropriate. It prevents confusion and misunderstandings and hopefully facilitates fair process for interviewees while simultaneously assisting the Asylum Services case managers in the smooth conduct of interviews.