Annual General Meeting


First Annual General Meeting 2019 

held on 24 June 2019

at 44 Aplotarias Street, Chios 82100, Greece. 

Meeting Opened

The meeting was opened at 5 p.m. 

Present in person

Members and Electoral Committee

Georgia Kougiouli, Legal Representative;
Marianne Kristensen
Pothiti Kitromilidi 

Abdorahmin Mehatelaine 
Marie Amenda
Paulina Langer
Dunya Zangaha
Sheila Cross
Dimitros Georgitsis (part of the time)

Present via video

Mary Wenker
Sonya Hymer
Mary Stratigou
Mariusz Chyzynski
Sharon Silvey
Josephine Chan

Apologies – no apologies received. 

Election of Board Members 

1. All positions are declared vacant.
2. Nominations are declared open.
3. Presentations by nominees for the Board: 

  • Chan, Josephine
  • Cross, Sheila
  • Silvey, Sharon
  • Stratigou, Mary 

Brief bios of each of the nominees were circulated to the membership prior to the meeting and were available to all members at the meeting prior to the vote. M

4. Voting.

The voting took place by secret ballot: ballot papers to those present in person and by e-mail to our Legal Representative for those attending via video conferencing. All members present in person were given the opportunity to vote in private outside of the meeting room.

General Business 

The main objective of the Meeting was to elect the Board. The Founder, Mary Wenker, made a brief introduction and handed the floor over to the Legal Representative, Georgia Kougiouli. 

Announcement of new Board Members

The Electoral Committee withdrew to count the vote and returned with the results and announced the following vote count: 

Chan, Josephine – 9
Cross, Sheila – 11
Silvey, Sharon – 1
Stratigou, Mary – 12

The new Board members agreed to arrange a meeting to discuss which positions each of the elected three members will hold and decide on a date, time and agenda for the first Board Meeting. The membership will be informed as soon as the Board have met and Notice of Agenda and date of meetings as well as the Minutes of all Board Meetings will be distributed to members, posted on the website and will be available in hardcopy of a file available within the office. 

Progress Report

As the Founder’s delegate, Sheila Cross gave an update on the progress of 

Choosehumanityity-Greece, focussing on our primary activity the Asylum Seekers’ Information Services Team (A.Ss.I.S.T) project. Information Sessions commenced one week ago. Perhaps we started too early but improvements have been made based on feedback from volunteer interpreters and clients. We are including two if not three film clips from Refucomm in the newly revised presentation. There are potential Volunteer Advisors (qualified lawyers) who may commence in the next week or two: this is yet to be confirmed. 

A report of the first two weeks of activities (June) will be published on website and Facebook, thereafter it will be published monthly. This is based on statistical information: number of new arrivals attending sessions by nationality and the results of their Client Feedback forms. The two new Coordinators, Paulina Langer and Dunya Zangaha, and the Office Manager, Marianne Kristensen, all volunteers, were introduced to the meeting. 

The Founders, Mary Wenker and Sonya Hymer, were thanked for having the confidence to support the establishment of a new Organisation. Special thanks went to Mary Wenker for putting forward her Organisation’s support and logo facilitating the establishment of Choosehumanity-Greece. 

Special thanks were also given to Miltiades Zannaras and Georgia Kougiouli, the two lawyers with whom Choosehumanity-CH has been working now for two years. Without their expertise, the A.Ss.I.S.T. project could never have come into being. Special thanks were offered to Georgia Kougiouli for the many behind the scenes services rendered, not only as our Legal Representative, but in dealing with matters requiring experience with the Greek authorities and agencies. Mary Stratigou, newly elected Board Member, thanked the meeting for their support in the election and looks forward to being a part of the Organisation. Mary Wenker again expressed her thanks to everyone who has supported Choosehumanity Greece and for attending this first Annual General Meeting. 

Meeting Closed at 5.45 p.m.