About volunteering with us

Volunteering with A.Ss.I.S.T.

Choose humanity is a non-profit, secular and apolitical organization founded in 2017 in Switzerland to support asylum seekers seeking international protection from the European Union and arriving on Chios island, Greece.

Choose Humanity’s partner organization in Greece “ΠΡΩΤΑ Ο ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ” (Humans First) finished the registration process and anticipates opening its Chios office soon.

Since June 2018, a Choose Humanity’s initiative, Emergency Legal Aid (ELA) has been providing legal counsel to asylum seekers appealing decisions refusing them protection and where free legal aid is not provided. While this ’emergency’ work continues, Choose Humanity has more recently broadened the scope of our legal work to create an ‘early intervention’ component.

Initiated in June 2018, Volunteer Advisors (qualified lawyers not registered in Greece to practice law) and supported by locally recruited volunteer interpreters have a dual role:

  1. to prepare and deliver up-to-date and accurate information on the asylum application procedure and processes to individuals and groups.
  2. to give individual appointments to asylum seekers to prepare them for the critical interviews that are decisive in determining their futures.

Choose Humanity’s ELA team, local Greek lawyers experienced in Migration and Refugee Law and current procedural complexities are available to Volunteer Advisors for consultation and, where deemed necessary, may assume roles that require their accreditation and expertise within the Greek system of justice.

Volunteering with CH-GR’s Asylum Seekers Information Services Team (A.Ss.I.S.T.) provides an opportunity to help ensure fair process for asylum seekers. Well informed and advised of their rights and responsibilities, they are more likely to be able to engage in the application process with greater confidence.

Many asylum seekers have suffered severe trauma, have health or other issues that are compounded by the living conditions in Vial Camp and long waiting periods of uncertainty. An improved understanding of the procedure and the moral support offered through professional delivery of legal aid services helps them maintain stability and regain self-confidence in the difficult and stressful circumstances of their daily lives.