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Project backround

In June 2017, CHOOSEHUMANITY.CH (Switzerland) initiated a project “Emergency Legal Aid” (ELA) to provide legal services to persons having received two rejections against their application for international protection. ELA case experience to date indicates that early intervention in the provision of accurate information, preparation for, and legal representation at the key interviews, where deemed necessary, could avoid some of the serious misunderstandings that result in unjust decisions.

Where negative decisions are duly justified, sound timely legal advice upon notification of the first rejection decision offers asylum seekers the opportunity to avoid long waiting times followed by the final rejection of their applications and deportation to Turkey. Voluntary repatriation permits persons not meeting the criteria for international protection to leave Greece without the indignity of continued suffering in poor living conditions in Vial camp, followed by prison in Greece and then in Turkey.

It is to be remembered too that the examination of applications is a measure required to protect Greek society from granting asylum to those who do not meet the criteria to qualify for international protection, among whom, there may be persons undesirable for the security and peace of Greek society.